Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Not another food blog!

There are so many food blogs out there, so why should I drop another blog into the infinite foodie internet universe?

I mean, look at Smitten Kitchen, the Wednesday Chef, Orangette, Seven Spoons, not to mention actual famous cookbook writers David Lebovitz and Dorie Greenspan online already!

But to back it up a bit: I'm Shennon and yes, I'm adding to the food blogs out there. I have a huge sweet tooth, in that I need something sweet to finish off every meal. Not that I want to be covered in sugar up to my ears, with cavities until my teeth fall out.

And what I've noticed over the years are two big trends: towards the super sweet or the super healthy. I'm no vegan, nor do I have celiac disease, but nor am I sold on caramel-sauced everything, butter stuffed cakes, or exclusively white flour pastries.

So, instead --all in moderation, right? 

So this will be primarily a blog on sweets. But nothing too sweet, too complicated. When I first started baking, I rushed into it headlong trying to find the most complicated stuff I could find. I could be a pastry chef! I could do all those fancy, complex techniques!

But whew! It was a lot of work and time to create some weeknight or even weekend desserts. I'm a nervous baker, too. It's hard to have to wait until something finished baking or freezing or whatever to know if it tastes good! Only after assembling all those components can you know if a recipe has failed or not. No tasting along the way like cooking. When a layered cake has three, four, five components? Forget it, I was a nervous wreck.

So here I am. Returning to some simple cakes, I realized that desserts with pure flavors are sometimes the most comforting and the best to eat. And along with a few original recipes (that I promise to test!), I'll mostly be posting recipes on the internet with my own baking notes and modifications: replacing some flours, reducing the butter a smidge, adding yogurt, replacing the fruit, and maybe even a little booze added in for fun.

Naught too much, naught too sweet.

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